“Angel clown”

My youngest grandson just turned five in September. He is the family clown. One morning a couple years ago, after he finished his breakfast, he noticed his sister (who is 15 months older) was still eating. He climbed down from his chair, went over to her, and pleaded, “Share with Bubby.” His sister, according to his mother, was not pleased and did not smile at his antics. However, it is hard for adults to ignore the tactics of this little blond “angel” or use discipline when needed. His preschool teacher told his mom it was hard for her to discipline him because he is really so sweet and his smile so disarming. I’m glad that my daughter can resist–most of the time–his need for discipline. Sometimes, she just has to turn away and smile so she can continue to do what needs doing. Hopefully, she can continue to discipline when the need arises and not be taken in by his disarming smile and sweet hugs.


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