My first try at using my blog was “confusion.” But I think I am now on my way. What fun.


One thought on “Beginning

  1. Welcome to the WordPress family Darlene! Please bookmark my poetry blog if you would and if you have questions by all means ask. You can also reach me at

    I first set up my poetry blog here in early 2005 and have been here ever since. For the first time since 2001 I finally found a site host free of technical issues, a powerfully stable site, so reliable for my consistent and frequent usage.

    The post editor takes a little getting used to but with recent modifications it is easier than ever to create your new posts. Take your time and poke around. Get a sense for the functionality. There is an amazing selection of site themes here, so many of them free. The premium themes are beautiful too. The WordPress Team extends every effort to constantly improve this site in terms of functionality and themes.

    Explore your Dashboard panel, try things out…you can always delete what you don’t want. Become interactive with other users…there is a huge audience here. Best wishes and enjoy…as I know you will!


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